My Cat likes to “help” me crochet.

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This is my one year old kitty cat, she likes to “help” me crochet. I was trying to crochet dish cloths and she is just attacking the yarn, going crazy… Too funny.


See how messed up she has my project.


Now it is wrapped around her, and when I unwrapped her she scratched me good. She was just playing, she was after the yarn.

6 thoughts on “My Cat likes to “help” me crochet.”

  1. My wife knits, and made the mistake of leaving a mostly-finished garment somewhere that one of our cats could get to it (which, as you know, is just about anywhere). He managed to unravel the entire project and drag the yarn tightly around a coffee table, and was playing with her needles when she came down and saw his masterpiece.

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