How to sew a homemade mask.

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Materials: Cotton fabric, a filter for in between such as fabric batting or Oly fun. Pins, thread, and needles. Metal for the nose piece and elastic for the ears. You can use a sewing machine or stitch this by hand. Pins, thread, and needles. Metal for the nose piece and elastic for the ears. I have material links below, to show you what to search for and what to buy, and where to buy materials. 

I copycat this mask surgical mask from work:

The measurements are 7 inches horizontally by 6 inches vertically.

So cut two fabric squares 6×7 inches. Cut out one fabric batting (serves as filter) 6×7 inches.

Ignore the  3.5 inch fold, we’ll get to that later. 😀 We are just focusing on the 6×7 pieces for now…. 
(Batting is at the top of the picture. It’s white.)


Now put the two pieces of fabric together wrong sides out and the design should be facing in. Both sides inside out and the filter is on top of the two fabric squares. 

The designs Should be facing in and put the filter on top of the two pieces. Sew together only three sides, then flip the fabric so the filter in the middle and the fabric is facing out correctly. See below.

See the fabric pattern is facing each other and the filter is on top. The filter is the purple triangles on top.
(Flip it. Turn it inside out. One side is not sown yet.)

Now put the metal piece up at the very top of the mask. Then carefully sew across. The stitch should start 2cm down from the top, across the mask. Be careful you don’t accidentally sew the metal.

This is how far down I started my stitch to sew across vertically. The metal was at the very top during this process so that I did not ruin my sewing machine by sewing the metal nose piece.

Now simply sew the remaining side together across to complete this process so all four sides are sown…

Now you need to pinch and fold the mask three times, about 1cm to complete 3 folds in your mask. Now your mask needs to measure 3.5 inches vertically. As shown below…

Pin three folds evenly so that your mask measures 3.5 inches
(See the folds in the industrial mask…)

Then adjust the tread on your sewing machine so that you don’t bunch up your thread or ruin your machine or thread by hand if you feel more comfortable.

Now, cut out two strips of fabric that are 3.5 inches by about 3 cm, as shown below.

Now you are going to sew the strips each side.

(Sew them onto both side stitch all around.)

Then stitch the elastic on for ears. I do this by hand. Only 1 cm from the edge, as shown in the picture above.

I hope this helps. Remember to have a filter in the middle, or it defeats the purpose. Make sure the mask fits your face well. Pinch the metal on the nose so it fits.

I work in assisted living and when my manager said there was a PPE shortage I got out my sewing machine!

Stay safe, happy and healthy! ♥️♥️♥️💪💪💪

You can find metal nose piece here:

Ear piece here: batting

Oly fun

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  1. Thank goodness my sister sews. She was kind of enough to see me a couple. They look similar to yours, except in her case she made it as a cover to insert a surgical mask which I layered with 2 coffee filters. Works well when I to public places. Thanks for the follow.

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