Let’s build each other up, and work together!

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“Every woman’s success

should be an inspiration to

another. We’re strongest

when we cheer each other


~ Serena Williams

As women, we should build each other up! We should celebrate accomplishments, and encourage each others strengths.
Never minimize other’s accomplishments through jealousy, envy or pride. Never think you are better. Everyone is different.
Never bring someone down, for accomplishments through jealous, for this brings you down as well. Bring people up, this is uplifting for both sides.

I work in healthcare with a lot of women. I notice a lot of gossip, and cliques. The older flock together, and talk about those “young girls”. Morning shift, gossips about evening shift. Many form clicks like “us” vs. “them”. Bad managers have “favorites”, and good managers do not. Co workers are jealous, and gossip about hard workers, and so on. I don’t know if this is the nature of working in healthcare, but this is what goes on. They can be catty, and gossip about minor things, that shouldn’t even be an issue.

Why is this? Is it because women are looked down upon? We shouldn’t add to it.

How harmonious, and productive would our workplace be without all this! If we would compliment each other on what we do well! Encourage each other, and work together, not against each other.

Never look down on anyone, for it will bring you down. Be happy for other’s promotions, and how well they are doing in life. Be inspired by other’s accomplishments, just as the quote says. Everyone has their ups and downs in life anyway. Be happy with yourself as well.

We are more powerful together! <3 I am a mother of two girls, I am aware of the oppositions that are out there. I remember being a young lady in the workforce. I need to prepare them. They are intelligent and capable of much! I don't want anyone to bring them down. They are responsible for how they let other's affect how they feel and do in life.

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  1. Oh, boy! When I worked in a nursing home, this was definitely the case. There was little to no harmony. I find the young girls at the middle school are becoming this way as well. I am a mother of two boys and I tell them that they need to wait and find the one who has respect for herself and others. I think much of this stems from lack of self-respect. It is a commonly held belief that we can elevate ourselves by bringing others down. Nothing could be further from the truth. Good for you in helping your daughters become WOSs. (women of substance!)

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