Covid-19 is highly contagious…

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But how contagious? I read it is in fact highly contagious. You get it by breathing in air particles from an infected person, or touching the virus on surfaces, then touching your face, mouth, or nose.

So this is me at the pharmacy:

I have on a N-95 mask

I had to go to the pharmacy. I tried to get my meds. delivered by mail, but it just wasn’t working. There was a message on the site, that they were “backed up and delayed”. It also said they encourage that you have your meds. Delivered to your house to avoid covid19. However, I couldn’t get my order to process, and I have been doing mail order for years.

So there I go, venturing out to the pharmacy, because I ran out of meds. I had my N-95 mask on, gloves on and my Clorox wipes. The pharmacy, which is also located in the doctor’s office, is a great place to get sick.

But how protected am I? Can I still breathe it in, and did I wash my hands well enough when I got home?

So when I was done I cleaned my credit card, purse, wallet, steering wheel of my car. Took my gloves off. Went home, changed clothes, washed my hands for two minutes. Used Clorox wipes on the bottom of my shoes? Have I lost my mind? OCD, neat freak here. Taking micro biology, and nursing classes have tramatizied me?

I’ve learned from working in healthcare, that no matter what you do, sometimes you just get sick, that is life.

At any rate, I’ve got my medication that I needed, that I ran out of. I’m lucky to live in a country where I have access to healthcare 24/7.

7 thoughts on “Covid-19 is highly contagious…”

  1. i went to get groceries today up early to catch senior hours (it’s been 2 wks) with hoodie, mask, gloves and glasses. empty shelves, few cashiers, long lines, took me 2 hrs to get out of the store. at home, everything went into the washing machine. sprayed the car with a pinesol solution, shoes top and soles. i didn’t take my purse, forgot about the debit card–so of course–that may have been an exposure. i got dizzy and almost ill from wearing the mask (not an N95) that long.

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