Respect your elders by staying home and not panic buying.

They fought for our freedoms, return the respect by not panic buying. Help your elders when you can!



The elderly are more susceptible to the virus. They also are more like to suffer and die from it. You can be carrying it and not know it. Please stay home for them!

I’ve heard some people say that it is “unconstitutional.” to not be able to go to church, and to be ordered to stay home. But please stay home. For my friend that is under going chemo, for my elderly parents, and for the patients I take care of.

We have a vaccine for flu, and we have tami-flu script for flu, but we do not have treatment or vaccines for covid-19, so please protect at risk individuals.

10 thoughts on “Respect your elders by staying home and not panic buying.”

  1. This is what I have a difficult time reconciling the most. We as a society can so quickly forget our elders. What my parents and their siblings went through for my benefit and those they didn’t even know! God bless them all!

  2. Great photo and sentiment. Sacrifice for others is not always well received these days, especially without complaint.

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