My Cousin posted this, thought I’d share.


I read that this is a new mutated virus, so I don’t know how accurate these stats are. SARS, and MERS are the cousin viruses of Covid-19, and they are worse.

It could be worse, but my Nurses and Doctors at work told me this is a nasty virus, and that fatal to high risk populations. I read the death rate is a lot high for the elderly. So saddening.

Maybe these stats will calm some people?

So stay safe, happy, and healthy!

Here is an updated map:



9 thoughts on “My Cousin posted this, thought I’d share.”

  1. The problem is… There isn’t enough room in hospitals for every case which proves to be risky enough.
    Intensive care takes almost 14/20 days per person. The fatality rate is low because countries took counter measures in order to keep people sane.

  2. Thanks for sharing this chart. It keeps everything in perspective. Though the COVID19 is just starting…

    1. That’s awesome you take such good care of her. She is extremely high risk. I took care of my Great Grandma, and her daughter, my Grandmother. Now I take care of a bunch of 80-100 year olds.

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