!Warning Do not Enter, only authorized personal.

I work in assisted living and there are signs up at my work that states, “only authorized personal are allowed”, and my residents family members keep coming in! They are jeopardizing the lives, and health of the high risk population.  We have 80, 90 and we have two 101 year old’s. You are  jeopardizing mine, I have asthma, and my co-workers, my parents, and everyone else that works there that is high risk such as my 60 year old workers with health conditions!

I guess they just don’t get it.

Help stop coronavirus

HANDSWash them often


ELBOWCough into it


FACEDon’t touch it


SPACEKeep safe distance


HOMEStay if you can

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10 thoughts on “!Warning Do not Enter, only authorized personal.”

  1. We put up signs which read “No visitors. Except for deliveries and mail”. (We also normally have a Security badge system so people need to be buzzed in, so we already had no walk-ins) We’re an office. Maybe add new signs? Post a staff at the front door to turn away visitors, or set up a safety viewing area where there’s a roped off (a glassed off area would be better) area for visitors to stay in and residents could be brought in at a distance?

    This is a time for new measures to be put in place. The staff need to make the residence more of a fortress of protection if families don’t respect the current situation! Everyone wants to feel they’re the exception!!

    1. We’ve sent emails and now we’re keeping the doors locked but they still come in. Someone is letting them in. They just don’t get that their loved one is extremely high risk. 90 year olds with heart problems and so on. Infuriates me.

          1. I wish we could do something different than”star” a comment, especially when we don’t like some thought.

            Not liking the fact that the place is filled with elderly and people are taking their lives so lightly.

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