“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity”. ~Albert Einstein.

During this pandemic, and quarantine we have opportunities to:

  • Help others. Especially the elderly who have trouble grocery shopping and cannot find anything. Check up on your elderly neighbors!
  • Spend quality time with our family.
  • Reflect on our lives, and look for ways to improve, and better time manage.
  • Pray, or practice spirituality.
  • Get outdoors and spend time in nature.
  • Exercise and eat right! Get healthy
  • Work on our houses.
  • reevaluate or lives. What is distracting us? What is keep us from living our best life?
  • Blog and write! Work on our blog.
  • Read books, knock out that book list!
  • Meditate, and refocus.
  • Do crafts, crochet, knit, and sew.
  • Learn new recipes
  • De-cludder the house
  • Teach our children academia, morals and values.
  • Teach our children life skills
  • Have fun with our families
  • Reflect on what you are grateful for
  • Watch Netflix
  • Relax, and recover from the busyness of life.

Stay safe, Happy and healthy!


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