New Information That I have Learned About Covid-19.


This virus is new, so people do not have antibodies for the virus, hence, a lot of people become infected. That is why we are in quarantine, to protect the elderly, who are getting hit the hardest, and people with heart, and lung problems, or  underlying medical conditions. These people are at risk, but a doctor has told me most people are not at risk of dying.

The primary way of transmission of the virus is from respiratory droplets in the air, from a cough, sneeze from an infected person as well as from saliva and so forth. Also by touching surfaces of an infected person, hence, wash those hands. If you use hand sanitizer use 60% of alcohol  or more. 

Symptoms: Fever 100 degrees or greater, cough, shortness of breath.

We are not going to have a vaccine until next year in 2021. They are currently testing for a cure.

Dr Mike YouTube videosare very helpful.

Read the Center for disease controls websites for accurate information.

Be aware of the incorrect information that is out there.

Stay happy, and healthy. Keep 6 feet away, especially from your elders and high risk people! Staying six feet away is what social distancing is.



and Happiness.



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