My thoughts on Covid-19 a.k.a. Corona virus, as a healthcare provider.

My thoughts on Covid-19 a.k.a. Corona virus, as a healthcare provider.

This is just my opinion and anything I write does not replace the advice of a medical professional.

So I have worked in assisted livings for more than a decade and have seen a lot. I work with the elderly, hospice, and have taken care of a young paraplegic. What do I think about this virus that everyone is in a hysteria over?

This virus has shut down rec centers, ski areas, schools and so on. At first I thought that was so dumb, because exercise is great for you, and our kids education is important. Then I thought about our elders and at risk populations, and I got it. It is too new, and there’s not enough research for me to form a strong opinion, but here is what I do know.

Covid-19 is an upper respiratory virus, that causes fever, coughing, shortness of breath and infects the upper respiratory tract. This virus is airborne, such as you can catch it just simply by sharing air with someone, and also when someone coughs you will breathe it in, and may catch it or maybe not because after all, you have an immune system that acts as a protector.

82% of Covid-19 cases are mild, amidst the panic, people are acting like it’s a plague and we are all going to die! Do not fall for the hysteria. The media is exaggerating, as always. They need to make money, and have a large audience to do so.

You are at risk if you are elderly and have a underlying medical condition such as: Diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, Cancer, HIV, an autoimmune disease and so on. If you are concerned ask you doctor where you stand. Get a check up once a year and ask your doctor questions about your health. It’s all about prevention.

You can, like with any upper respiratory illness, such as influenza, develop viral pneumonia.

I survived some wicked pneumonia twice, you will be fine. For me I will let you know how bad it is if I catch it. I am on vacation now, but I am going back in a week.

If you are young and healthy you need to calm down. You will most likely be fine. Thankfully, this doesn’t effect young children, so I do not have to worry about my kids.

Your immune system fights off sickness, and protects you. You could have covid-19, and not even have symptoms, or your immune system can protect you from it entirely. Your body is more resilient than you think. Trust your body.

With any sickness or in general, if you have shortness of breath, blueish lips, confusion, chest pain, call 911. This is common sense.

So I am in my late 30’s, with mild asthma, what am I going to do? I’m going to make sure I eat my fruits and veggies at least 5 a day, and why not try for 10? I am going to start doing cardio, because I have asthma, and have had problems with pneumonia in the past. Cardio, such as swimming, hiking, jogging and aerobics, will strengthen my lungs. Exercise in general, boost your immune system. I should of been doing this a long time ago, but I am so busy, as a work out side of the home Mom.

Stress, worry, and sugar depletes your immune system, so quit worrying about Covid-19.

Since I work in health care I am going to take better care of myself because I do in fact plan on getting it. I catch influenza and pneumonia from the people I take care of. In turn this has helped me learn how to take care of my health.

As much as I can, I need to avoid at risk populations, that is just wrong. I might not be able to see my parents until this outbreak is over.

Here is some Covid-19 information:


Read fact #2. Low risk unless you are an older adult, or have underlying health conditions. Healthy younger folks need to quit watching media, and calm down. I feel bad for everyone freaking out, be aware of the virus but not worrisome.

Please stay away from elders and people with heart, lung, problems, our at risk populations. Use this social distancing.


Here is another picture to explain why you should use social distancing and who is at risk: 89511923_10220889476694226_6199974678358917120_n

This infuriates me. I went grocery shopping the other day. The TP was all gone, I couldn’t find bleach or frozen veggies, lucky my neighbors and parents let me buy from them what I needed. Is that what it comes down to?

If this virus is mild for 80% of cases, especially for the younger population, hence under 65, don’t you think you should save this for the at risk population that will actually be affected?

Some of my co workers are running errands for the elderly. Please help your elders not harm them, they should be hoarding, not you! You most likely will not be severely effected. It is a shame!



I drink Airborne except in the summer time, to keep my vitamin C up for my immune system. My doctor says it doesn’t help, hence I just pee it out, but I see a difference. LOL!


As always, take care of yourself and your loved ones! Exercise, sleep and eat healthy! Stay away from your elderly, and respect your elders.

Get outside, and get your natural vitamin D. This keeps you healthy, with all that fresh air: This article about the 1918 influenza pandemic, explains this it is entitled: Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

My parents and I got outside and walk our dogs, that is one way we are trying to stay healthy, and sit outside on the back porch and talk. Thank goodness it is Spring time!

You can read it here:

I think this doctor on YouTube puts it into perspective as well. Watch this YouTube Videoby Dr. Mike


Also, this is an example of how the media is exaggerating. Do not be “anxious but be aware”, as Dr. Mike says. There is a ton of useful information in these videos. It is an election year, this is shady, what is really going on? I’m not sure if this applies, but I can tell this is exaggerated, as shown in the video below. Any virus I have ever had I recovered. I have worked in health care and caught many sicknesses. Why are they trying to make us scared? Do not fall for it….. Dr. Mike about the media YouTube Video here


Covid-19 Map:

Look at these stats. Be educated, and aware, and do not freak out. Educate yourself!!! Look at cases v.s. deaths and do not freak out. This should be common sense but wash your hands, for 20 seconds, with warm soapy water, use friction and don’t touch the germ infested sink.  Hand washing kills way more germs than hand sanitizer, just wash your hand for goodness sake, sanitizer dries your hands. The fact that the media tells us to wash our hands tells me that they think we are dumb, dumb enough to fall for the hysteria. We are smarter than this!


This is a chart about influenza from the CDC, we have a flu vaccine yearly for this. Preventative measure:

If you are at high risk, and or elder, I would think you should wear a mask, since it is airborne? I’m just a caregiver, not a doctor, or Nurse. You can use code SAFE10 for 10% off. When I wear a mask at work, since I have asthma, I make sure I have it fitting my face, so nothing gets in. Fitting my nose and face. de
Click here if you want to buy masks——–>Anti-virus Gears Collection 
Spend time teaching your kids math! HAHA

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8 thoughts on “My thoughts on Covid-19 a.k.a. Corona virus, as a healthcare provider.

  1. Helpful post. I often wonder why people feel the need to visit the supermarket in twos or threes. One person should go at a time. Common sense. I am healthy but I am caring for my 92 yr old mother who lives alone across from my home. We are insulating her from all this, but it makes her lonely.

  2. I am 88 years old and in 1995, I learned I problably had Celiac Disease I went for 20 years without eating bread. I survive. Food was scare during World War 2 and we survive. Life may change but we will survive, you don’t need to panic.

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