Pass the Papers. (This is a fun family game we play during holidays).

Pass the Paper

This is a fun game that my family plays at gatherings. It is quite entertaining and funny!

You can play with two or more people.

  • First everyone gets a piece of paper.
  • Then everyone write a person or multiple people. Then you fold the paper covering the person(s) that you wrote down, and then you pass your paper to the person on the right.
  • Then you write the activity that they did.  Then you fold the paper pass to the right again.
  • Then you write down the time, it is more entertaining to write a holiday as well. Pass to the right after you folded the paper, covering what you wrote.
  • Then you write where the activity took place. Like the zoo, library, school etc. Fold and pass to the right.

Then you unfold the papers and read them out loud. Let the hilariousness begin.

Randomness is better, you person doesn’t need to match the activity. This makes it funnier.


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