Mental health crisis with the youth.

Trigger warning. This may be disturbing to certain people. Sensitive topic discussed.



I received an email from my kids school district, that 5 kids in the school district ended this life, mostly because of bullying, and as young as a 7th grader.

I keep hearing stories like this. My neighbor told me her friends daughter ended her life because of bullying.

This is a disturbing crisis. These kids had so much more of life to live. So much ahead of them.

Where are we failing them? Where are we going wrong? There needs to be more mental health support. We need to better teach our children coping mechanisms. It’s time to remember how we viewed the world when we were that young, and teach age appropriate ways to deal with others negative opinions and influences. We need to build strong confidence within our youth. Encourage the good in them, their strengths and their talents.

I need to teach my children to change their inner dialog to positivity, and teach them how to cope, and not let others effect them, and to keep going no matter what. To reach within themselves and find inner strength.

We live in a fast paced technological driven world. My kids are on electronics too often, it’s driving me insane, and what does this teach them?

It is important to teach our children to not let others bother them and to find confidence, and resilience within themselves.

It doesn’t matter what their peers think.

They are so young, and sensitive. They can be easily influenced. I remember being this young. But it doesn’t matter what your classmates think. Within a few years, you will never see these people again.


4 thoughts on “Mental health crisis with the youth.”

  1. Sad, I think social media may be a culprit in increased suicides among young people. Social media is known to depress all ages actually, we’re isolated and the online interactions isn’t a healthy replacement.

  2. Thank you for writing about this. It’s high time people understood this. Social media is a major factor in developing stress…. even when the children don’t realize it. There are many other reasons and those have to be identified by the parents…so that they can help their children. Amazing post👌

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes. I work in a middle school and I see the trauma caused by bullying. We are having a presentation for staff/parents called “Screenagers”. We have presented it before and the parent turnout is shameful. I wish I could hand pick the parents that NEED TO see this because of what their child is doing to others. I can’t tell you how many funerals of former ‘kids’ of mine I went to last year. They were older, but fell in to hard drugs in order to combat depression. If you can believe it, there is a parent group on Facebook for my town and the tone at times is nothing short of hostile. Most of these comments come from mothers of our students. MOTHERS. The nurturers? And they wonder why the kids have no issue inflicting the same behavior on their peers. It is nothing short of a crisis, in my opinion.
    Yes, this is a sensitive subject that MUST be addressed. We are losing a generation to this. Thank you for this post. Bless your heart. Regina

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