Human Trafficking, too close to home.

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A couple was arrested for running a brothel in their own home. This is in Denver, near me. This is absolutely disgusting, but it reflects what a crisis this is in our world, even within our own city limits. I could just be sick. They had girls from China in their house, and their neighbor saw many men come and go in and out of the house dressed up in suits.

I wasn’t even away of this issue until 10 years ago, when my church educated me. Since then I have donated to the sex trafficking problem. This disturbs my soul so bad, and give me great anxiety. You can donate here, let’s end this now.

You can read the news story here. promo404435106

What the heck is wrong with people. This is the true definition of “For the love of money is the root of all evil”.

1 Timothy 6:10



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  1. Trafficking/sex slavery is a worldwide problem and is happening everywhere, in the quiet suburbs and the DC especially I think people don’t want to believe this, but denial won’t solve anything. I post many stories about this and sometimes think people don’t want to hear about it.

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