The significance of Eagles, and what they symbolize in the spirit world.

My Uncle passed away last summer. As soon as his soul left this world, and went to the spirit world, my Dad say two bald eagles, which is very rare. My Dad and his brother are only one year apart, (my poor Grandmother), so they are very close, almost like twins.

This was a very spiritual  experience for us. This is the way my Uncle spoke to us after his journey to the spirit life.

My Uncle was a spiritual, creative and an intelligent person. He was a dreamer, a leader and a visionary. He was very strong willed, and resilient. He was a free spirit. So yes, you can say his spirit animal is an eagle.

When you see an eagle, in the spiritual world it symbolizes: strength, leadership, wisdom and vision. Eagles fly higher than any other bird, so they are man’s connection to divine. They guide us to greater spiritual knowledge. Eagles signify self discovery, and personal freedom. They also signify strength to overcome adversity, and step out of your comfort zone. Eagles push you to reach higher ground.

The eagle is a guardian from high above, watching over us, with messages for us from the divine. They also signify spiritual rebirth, and renewal.

The picture about was taken in the same family vacation spot, where my Dad saw the eagles, after my Uncle passed away.

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8 thoughts on “The significance of Eagles, and what they symbolize in the spirit world.”

  1. I love Bald Eagles. I have learned a lot about them and they are indeed a symbol of strength. I’m glad you find peace when seeing them. I do the same thing with the cardinal. Thank you for sharing such a touching story!

  2. Michelle Martinez

    Sorry… message sent too soon. I believe our loved ones communicate with us from the spirit realm in MANY different ways…. It’s easy to miss for those who don’t believe, but oh so obvious and comforting for those of us that do!!! 🌈

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