The echos of the past influences who you are in the today. Do not look far into the past to create today. You are different than before. The past has already come and gone. Today is here and now. Embrace it. The winds of change come through, and create everything anew. As time goes on things change. Change is inevitable. Time doesn’t stop for no one. Time is ever passingThe hand of time is constant. Make the most out of your time on earth, and realize that things change. Do not be passive in this life, because time is not passive, it is aggressive, ever ticking. Do not waste time, because time will keep on going so keep up its the pace. I-may-not-have-everything-I-want-in-life-but-I-am-blessed-enough-to-have-all-that-I-need.-For-this-I-am-grateful.-1-768x768.jpg

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Be Happy for this moment. This moment is your life. _ Omar Khayyam

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