What to do if you have periodontal disease, and how to maintain dental health.

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Since I had my daughter I developed periodontal disease, which is where your gums receded. I was just so sick when I was pregnant with her. You can read that story here.

My dentist told me I had periodontal disease. Your gums receded at different levels.

  • Stage 1: is 1-2 millimeters of gum recession is gingivitis.
  • Stage 2: 4-5 millimeters of recession is early periodontal disease.
  • Stage 3 is your gums recede 6-7 millimeters. Which is moderate periodontist.
  • Stage 4 where your gums recede deeper than 7 millimeters is advance periodontal, where your gums infected, and you can have severe tooth pain.  You are also at risk for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes when you reach this stage.

I do not ever want to get to stage 4 or my gum recession to advance at all, so I really take care of my dental health. My gums are receded 2-4 millimeters, and I intend to hopefully keep it that way. You gums never grow back. Gum recession is irreversible. I need to maintain what gums I have.

How do I do this?

First I brush twice a day with, for at least two minutes, with Toothpaste for Enamel Strengthening in the morning and at night I use Gum Detoxify Deep Clean. I make sure I brush gently in circles so that I do not cause more recession.

Then I use mouth wash. I use one fluoride mouth wash, and I use one antiseptic mouth wash to kill the germs.

Then I use a water flosser which reaches more surfaces where dental floss cannot reach and kills bacteria.

Then I floss with regular floss. Flossing is good for your health and can prevent heart disease. I try to floss twice a day, but let’s be honest, we’re all busy, I don’t always have the time.

I use: GCA MI Paste , which has floride. Floride helps your enamel stay strong and prevents cavities.

I hate tooth pain, and I want to have good dental health. So this is my routine.


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