Bible reading plan. Read the Bible in a year.

Join our church community, and read the whole entire Bible with us this year. We have an app. where you read a few chapters each day, and we will make it through the whole Bible this year together. Download our app on your phone, or on google play. The app is HERE

Download our church app., search “Red Rocks Church”,  and click on Bible. We have a Bible reading plan for every day. Our church logo is red and has mountains. Down below is a picture of the app. 

So let’s get through the whole Bible this year, and get spiritually fed and strong this year! <3 Cheers. 

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One thought on “Bible reading plan. Read the Bible in a year.”

  1. ♡ Been there, done it both ways; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that The Best Way to “Read The Bible” is from Genesis to Revelations then Revelations to Genesis


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