The DL on pregnancy tests.

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I have taken many, many pregnancy tests throughout the years. Mainly because I am paranoid about getting pregnant again. Or maybe because I want another one, and it would be fascinating to see that second line turn pink. I have two daughter and one miscarriage, and so I have seen that second line come through. I would keep taking the tests when I found out I was pregnant. It’s fascinating to me.

So here is what I have learned. I recommend pink dye for pregnancy tests always. Blue dye gives false positives, however with my second daughter I used a blue dye test,  with the cross that shows up if it’s positive and it that is how I found out I was having her.

With my second daughter, my husband and I were trying to conceive. I used an ovulation calendar app. with her, and I got pregnant. I was feel very fatigued, emotional, and certain smells grossed me out. At three weeks pregnant I took a first response  and it came back positive. It took five minuets to come back positive. First response is my #1 go to, and I highly recommend first response. It can detect HCG 6 weeks before your expected period.

If you are on a budget, you can use a test from the dollar tree, as long as it has blue dye, when your period is expected, and that will work just as well. Make sure you follow the directions precisely, do not add too much or too little pee, so that you do not get a false positive.

I do not like the digital ones because even in early pregnancy the line will show up very faintly. If there is a visible line in the pregnancy window with ink, you are pregnancy, congratulations! But always check again in case it is a vapor line, (which is a line with no color), or it is just too early to tell. I don’t know how well the digis  detect the pregnancy hormone early into pregnancy, because I always want to know right away. I’m very impatient.

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