14 years ago today….

Trigger warning: Miscarriage mentioned, don’t read if miscarriage is close to your heart and saddens you with loss. <3 hugs to you.







14 years ago today, December 19th, 2003 I lost my first pregnancy. I was about 8 weeks along. I started bleeding in the morning, and I went to the doctor. They tested my HCG levels, and examed me and let me know I was miscarrying.

I was crushed it hurt physically, but emotionally it hurt worse. I already had bought an outfit for the baby, he or she was due on near my Mom’s birthday, and we were already excited.

I thought that I wasn’t capable of carrying a baby. I thought something was wrong with my husband and I.

I’m not sure why I miscarried. If it was a chromosome abnormality, or if it was because of my husband and I, blood type was not compatible. He is RH negative and I am positive. Did my RH negative attack the baby? Who knows. I really thought we were not going to have any kids. Until….

We conceived our first born daughter. We conceived our daughter, near this baby’s due date. We also had a second daughter 9 days before this one crossed the rainbow bridge. Our second born daughter was due one day after December 19. God works in mysterious ways.

Until we meet sweet child.

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  1. My wife told me to tell you that things sometimes might happen but GOD always has a plan for you. And look GOD gave you a blessing. And she said sorry to hear that.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your first baby. I know from experience how devastating that is. Glad you did go on to have more beautiful little ones. You are right – until we meet again … <3

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