This is peace…

and quiet. Ahhh! Relief. 

At the top of North Table Mesa in  Golden, Colorado. 

I can see the city but I cannot hear it.

I cannot hear anything at all. I don’t hear any kids, neighbors, pages from patients. I hear nothing, but my thoughts.

This is peace, this is stillness. This is where I get my mind right. This is where I reset myself to where I should be. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It looks beautiful from here but being in the city constantly wears on my soul. Here my soul is restored, in nature. This is how life should be.

Go for a walk or go hiking. Go to a quiet place in nature. It is good for your mind body and soul.

I pushed myself to make it up the hill without stopping

This is my cute hiking buddy, and his real name is “Buddy”. 

These are my hiking friends. <3 

Looking into Denver 

I can see Boulder Colorado from here in the above picture. 

An oasis of peace, and beauty. May I never stop hiking. 

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