Homelessness in Colorado

In Colorado the legalization of marijuana was passed in January of 2014.
Now I’m a Colorado native, and since the legalization of marijuana, I’ve seen a huge population increase, and I have also seen an increase in crime. I’ve seen the economy develop as well. I like the new attractions. I barely make enough to enjoy them.
With housing cost, and cost of living going up, it leaves many homeless.

I have never ever seen so many homelessness in Colorado.
I drive to work, and look at the underpass on the highway, and there’s a whole bunch of tents in the grass. How do these people stay warm in a blizzard. It get’s cold in Denver. This is insane.

With groceries, housing, and everything else going up, it leaves many people homeless, even when they are employed, and they also have children to feed. The homeless shelters are full as well. The section 8 housing help waiting list is full.

This crisis has been bothering me, but not as much as it did yesterday when I saw someone that I know that was homeless and they were on the news. Our daughters went to Kindergarten together!  I knew this family for 3 years while our children attended school together. We lost contact, but when I saw her on the news my jaw dropped.

Her Mom has helped me before, and has given me her hand-me-down dresses for my two girls in the past, so I am defiantly convicted to help out! My heart is broke. Her Mom is working, and she was working as an elder caregiver just like I do. The daughter has straight A’s in school. I feel so bad, they have to sleep in a car, and they have to get up and go to school and work. They have no one. They do not have family to help but the community has defiantly stepped it up, just like I am going to. You can read their, and watch them on the News here: Colorado woman who’s been living out of her car hoping for a Christmas Miracle.

You can also donate to their go fund me page if you wish.Homeless Mom and Daughter

I have another friend that has had breast cancer, and has trouble working because of her surgeries. She is in remission from cancer, but she was homeless and all the shelters were full, so she went out of state to go live with her Mom. 

They are like many employed hard working Coloradans, that have been stuck by financial hardship and have become homeless.



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  1. This is very sad however I don’t really think it is due to the nature of cannabinol. I believe people are moving there because many people suffer from extremely painful chronic illnesses and can not get help with meds due to the “so called opioid crisis”. When I worked in downtown Seattle I say dozens of homeless every day on my way to work. This is in my humble opinion a governmental issue regarding appropriation of proper funding for folks who need it. I am sorry for what your heart feels and rightfully so. May you be blessed for helping. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. I get what you are saying. I think cancer, and epileptic patients or people in pain should move here. It’s crazy all the people, crime, and seeing people you know that work become homeless. My husband and I have bust our butts to pay debt off, so we can live comfortably out here again, but we are very blessed and trying our best to help others around us effected by this.
      It’s changed so much and as natives, it’s a huge adjustment.

      1. I do understand. When we lived in the Seattle area we belonged to a church that housed the homeless for a month. It was part of a program where twelve churches participated in housing, feeding and preparing lunches for homeless folks who then could save their money for a year so they could afford to rent a place. We were very active participants in fixing meals and helping every way we could. This was right after the dot com bust. There were businessmen who lost everything, husbands who spent everything trying to take care of a dying loved one and young adults who were simply kicked out by their parents. It was heartbreaking. All of us has the potential to end up on the street. You are full of compassion and love and that is why you are helping. The same thing is starting to happen near Raleigh. I am outside of Raleigh but people are moving here so fast. They are cutting down all the beautiful trees and houses are being built for twice what we paid for our house only 13 years ago. Farmers are selling their land, property taxes are going up, etc. I know that but for the grace of God go I. We are blessed to have shelter. I have been to Haiti several times on missions where children have no clothes, no food and live in a grass hut. Please don’t think I am not empathetic as I have a very sensitive heart. I know yours is breaking for your friend and her children. Our world should be different and one day it will. I love your heart and you. ❤️ Joni

  2. You can trace the beginnings of this growing homeless problem to our out of control government. The more they interfere in the natural market forces by controlling the money supply and interest rates, the more inflation you will see , which leads to people not making enough money to afford housing. Also the rising cost of getting medical care is due to the intervention of the government in the medical industry. Yes, more people want to live in Colorado because of the pot laws, and housing costs will rise, but this should help the state of Colorado. But it’s not. Why? Because of corruption, taxes, lack of manufacturing jobs and other jobs that don’t require a degree. It’s the same in every state. Vote Republican and maybe we can reverse some of the past 30 years of economic damage, but I doubt it.

  3. So true. As a resident of both Denver and Aurora, I’ve seen the same thing. In fact, after I finish the Novel I’m almost finished with, I’ll be publishing something on Colorado Homelessness. It’s bad here 🙁

  4. I live in California, which has always been a Mecca for homeless people. I think homelessness is increasing directly because of the government, not only have housing costs doubled or triple within the last 5-10 yrs but the government profits from having homeless in their city. The homeless don’t receive this funding, it’s a scam.

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