Domestic violence, get help and get out!

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This boils my blood. I can’t stand to know that this is happening. I keep seeing this among friends and people I know. I makes me sick! What a bunch of cowards hitting someone that is weaker than they are. Their boyfriend’s are so controlling, they have their girlfriends even leave work when they are not off the clock yet. This makes me sick to my stomach that a “man”, would hit a woman that is weaker than him because he has issues with himself. How safe is a person who is a victim of domestic violence? It worries me. I feel sorry for the ladies that have babies with these men. They are not trapped but they definitely feel trapped. I cannot imagine what an awful feeling that must be, and I am very empathetic because I could not imagine what how awful, and empty their lives must be. Sounds depressing.
I have two daughters so I need to teach them to never get trapped into this psychological need to be with a man that treats them wrong or to ever put up with this. I think all women should carry pepper spray, or mace, a taser, and get a conceal carry. Especially in a big city.
I personally have not been a victim of domestic violence. I don’t know 💯 what they are going through. I am not trying to make myself feel better or sound good or anything. I really have someone in my life that I need to try my best to help. I know people sometimes cannot be helped if they don’t want to be helped.
I think I might start by calling The Hotline
National Domestic Violence Hotline Get Help Today 1-800-799-7233. They also have battered women’s shelters.

If you are a victim of domestic violence I strongly encourage you to call the hotline. You are not trapped, no one has any right to control you or put their hands on you. You deserve a much better life!
I know a few ladies that have gotten out of this situations. I commented them for getting out of something so difficult. They are strong and I am so happy for them.

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  1. I’m behind you on this one. I never saw my dad touch my mum though their marriage didn’t work out (they divorced before I even remember seeing them together as a couple at home). This makes me rise up against any form of violence and injustice on women, children or helpless folks. I don’t have much to give them but I believe someday I will. But till then, I’m going to keep shouting to them, you’re a fighter not a prisoner. You’re a free person. Don’t let anyone cage you because you love them or you’re afraid to lose them.

    I love how you write. I’m going to continue following your work and hope to learn how to better help people with social crises as well as their spiritual life as well. Thanks, J

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