Do more, and worry less….

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it give you something to do but it gets you nowhere. ~ Glenn Turner.

Tell yourself not to worry. Instead think of or write down, what you can do about what you are worrying about.ย 

Worried about finances. Can you work more hours or can you do without something?

Worried about kids? Communicate with them, and think about what you can do to help them.

Worried about your spouse? Communicate with them also, and same thing with your job.

Keep busy. Have you ever noticed that when you are busy you tend to worry less.

Enjoy a hobby. Balance your life with work and fun.

Don’t worry, as if you were sitting in a rocking chair, going back and forth thinking about all the what ifs’.

Write down an action plan and be productive about these worries. Also get to the root cause of your worries.

I’ve struggled with anxiety disorder for almost two decades, so I blog about what has helped me, so in turn I hope I can help others!

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10 thoughts on “Do more, and worry less….”

  1. Yernasia Quorelios

    โ™ก On a “Rocking Chair” My Cells are very busy; doing stuff, my cells are dormant


  2. I would add that it’s helpful to look back on all the things I worried about that turned out OK in ways I hadn’t expected. (My blog is full of stories about those times.) It’s very hard to worry while looking to God and thanking Him that “He’s got this.” (He knows, but praying out loud gives ME a much needed reminder. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  3. We can’t change other people’s thoughts or actions, only our own. If we act with love and compassion, a higher power WILL look after us and others.

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