A poem of grief and acceptance.

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67528263_10157522081622311_1233687462664994816_nWhen you went to heaven my heart was scattered to pieces.

I am proud to be called one of your nieces.

With memories of you running through my mind.

I can’t believe it was your time.

To go to a better place.

Oh, how I long to see your face.

But you are resting in eternal grace. 

I had so much more to tell you.

You were one awesome fellow.

With regrets of things unsaid.

I hang my head and feel like I’ve been shallow.

My heart feels heavy and hurt.

When God decided to take you from this earth.

The end came to soon, 

but I am no longer filled with gloom. 

I know I will see you again. 

Not in this life, 

but in the next. 

When the sun rises, and sets each day. 

I am grateful for each day. 

You influenced me in great ways. 

Oh I think of all the days. 

That we were together. 

None of our memories will ever sever. 

With insurmountable love and peace. 

I let you go in peace, 

you are in a better place, 

and I know I will see your face, 

in a different place. 

Rest in peace Uncle Eddie Spaghetti. 










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