How to get rid of annoying stubborn stains, that drive you crazy!

I live in my Grandmother’s old Town Home, which is a blessing, but we have white counters and sinks. I get many stains since I also have children. I keep them stainless by using soft scrub,along with some elbow grease!  My kitchen looks sparkly, shiny and clean!

Here are some before and after pictures:

Before: 20191210_132657.jpg


I mean it gets pretty bad. My kids also were learning to cook and put a hot pan on the counter but I was able to get that out.

After: 20191210_1346061529816510.jpg


These pictures aren’t very good quality, sorry. I’m just so busy all the time. But I’m a neat freak, and feel so much better in a clean home! I love this stuff, it works miracles.

I also have asthma. When I am having a flair up I use baking soda, and lemon juice from real lemons, if you want a more natural alternative.



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6 thoughts on “How to get rid of annoying stubborn stains, that drive you crazy!”

  1. I´m a manly man so I don’t clean….
    Now that I´m the caretaker of my mother(she has bad health issues) I´m the one cleaning the house, and man o man… it is a small apartment but the cleaning… I live in a room and in a house with 3 others. Now this house is all for me to take care off. And I don’t even have children, how do you do it? A mystery for me. I doubt we have that product here in Spain so I just brush and brush and….brush away! At least after an hour of cleaning and sweating bullets I´m in shape, don’t have to pay for a gym.

      1. I’ve been raised by a single mother and I moved out at age 18 but still a mammas boy at 37 years now. If she cleaned the house while raising me now has got to be my turn to take care of her, but woman!… You women are tough. My back hurts like hell, I actually prefer going back to the army than this, plus going to the supermarket which I´m at a complete loss, I probably spend 5 hours in the freaking supermarket trying to find the things she sends me to get.

        1. I’m 37 as well. I work as a caregiver in assisted living, my back’s killing me. I took care of my Grandma as well. That is awesome that you take care of your Mom. It’s a great honor to take care of those who have taken care of you. I will care for my parents and will never put them in a home.

          1. Yes, only home for this woman is her home. She is not living in assisted living, she doesn’t want to nor do I.
            I saw a post of yours that talked about you working as a caregiver in an assisted living home, you gotta have some stories to write about. Hard job, I know. My exgirlfriend worked in houses taking care of old people. She was always pissed off by the way, so I ran like a gathezelle. I have worked on any kind of job you can name, construction, army days, bell boy, bartender, my passion is writing but it doesn’t pay the bills, but with all the screwed up bad paying jobs I managed to have a smile, not like the ex caretaker.
            To much info here… I probably wrote it down on the blog so..

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