Health Benefits of A Massage.

Health Benefits Of

Massages promote deep relaxation, and recovery. It is a great stress reliever.

I started getting massages after working as a caregiver. Care-giving hurts my body, especially my back and hips with all that lifting, bending, on my feet all day, and walking. We had a gentleman who gave massages to residents and co-workers at work so I got one. I felt so much better after having a massage, it relieved my pain, I was so relaxed and I felt decades younger. Now I do to get a Chinese deep tissue massage at least once a week.

It is so worth it. I feel like a weight is lifted off of me when I have a massage. It relieves my stress, helps my pain, and I feel like I’m so much younger.

Getting a massage has many benefits that include. Reducing soreness, and muscle pain, after a work out or just being sore from life in general. It can help with sports injuries. If I feel like I hurt myself at work I go and get a massage!

It can boost your immune system, and help ward off sickness. Massage increases circulation, which increases the circulation of white blood cells, which fight off infection and sickness.

Getting a massage relieves anxiety and stress, and is one good way to manage your stress. It decreases your cortisol (stress hormone) and increases your serotonin (your feel good hormone).

Research says that it increases your alertness in your brain as well.

You will sleep very well at night after a massage because you will be very relaxed.

It can improve your balance, and your posture, especially if you sit all day, because it helps put your back into alignment.

It lowers blood pressure due to the increased blood flow, and can help blood flow to damaged areas of your body.

So take a load off, relax, and get a massage. Your body and mind will thank you. There are many many health benefits to massage.

Disclaimer: If your are worried about getting a massage due to health as your doctor. You shouldn’t’ have a massage if you have a bleeding disorder or fractures. Always consult your doctor. Anything I post does not take place of a medical professionals advice.
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  1. I absolutely love massages, but the expense is prohibitive. It’s not that I don’t think it is worth it, but when you are on a tight budget, it is too indulgent to throw $60 for an hour’s relaxation. Not when you are feeding a teenager, anyhow. All money is food budget money. But the $5.00 massage you get from the chair in the mall is a mini-indulgence you can enjoy guilt-free. So, I do that about once a week.

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