Day: December 12, 2019

Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra!

Working in assisted living, I’ve heard a lot of Frank Sinatra. This Jazz Swing music, came from a simpler time, that’s for sure. Also, his music is more romantic. He was very popular in the 40’s and 50’s and the elderly that I take care of love him! All I have to do is play …

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How to stay healthy this winter.

I work in assisted living with a lot of people and a lot of germs. I do care, I assist them with basically everything. Sometimes, I am not allowed to call in sick because the residents are dependent on me and I hate working sick and we are short staffed all the time. I also …

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To my Uncle on the other side.

When I heard you were slipping away from consciousness.  When I realized that you were no longer with me on this earth.  When the reality of you not being here sunk in.  My heart sunk. It was piercing like a knife. I never experienced such pain and emotion.  Everything was going in slow motion.  You …

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