Never give up on your dreams!

Canva - Waterfalls And Rainbows In Mountains

Whatever fills your heart with joy,

Whatever speaks to soul,

Whatever motivates you,

Whatever makes you happy,

do that!

Don’t expect to be perfect and there will always be bumps in the road, but you will never know what you can achieve unless you try. Don’t let little obstacles make you quite. Have faith and confidence in yourself and shine!

You only live once. You never know what is on the other side of the rainbow. 

Never give up on your dreams! You are worth it! 

You never know what you can achieve unless you try! 

Keep pushing forward. 

A little momentum is better than no momentum. 

It may be hard, but do not give up on yourself, and your dreams. 

 “Oh, the Places Youll Go!” ~ Dr Seuss 

19 thoughts on “Never give up on your dreams!”

  1. Love the picture and words of encouragement. God just fulfilled a dream for us, we finally got to go on an cruise. Not sure when we will ever do it again but would love to go to Alaska. thanks for the inspiration.

    I love the blog about your cat. I want a cat but I live with two people who are allergic to them. Makes me sad.

  2. You know what? Thank you for remaining me what’s really important in life! I do things for my family and others and it doesn’t make me happy 🙁 I never have tim for myself and I don’t enjoy almost anything. Oh, and thank you for visting my blog 😀 Hugs!

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