Sponsor a child…? Interesting.

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I heard about today. It’s interesting. You can feed and educate a child, in a third world country,  for $38.00 a month. I think my Grandmother does this. I cannot right now due to debt consolidation, and raising my own children, but I mean maybe later, when I’m in a better place in life. I think it’s a legit site?

As a Mom, it blows my mind away that children in this country and other countries do not have food, water, clothes, shelter, and education.

My kids are spoiled, I have to teach my second born that she doesn’t get everything that she wants, and so on! My kids are so spoiled that they think a closet full of clothes and a refrigerator of food translates to: “I have nothing to eat, and I have nothing to wear”. I need to work on this with them.



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