I seriously struggle with this. I think it is my pride, and fear of being hurt, or my loved ones being hurt.

I think this is weak of me. I think I would be better off if I would forgive. I wouldn’t be as angry, and would have less depression. Sometimes I think to myself “Some things don’t deserve forgiveness”.

However, if you look deeper, you realize that by harboring a grudge you are being brought down.

Just try to forgive but do not be hurt again, and look out for yourself and others. Don’t expect certain things out of some people, and remember that you cannot control others but you can control your own actions, thoughts and feelings.

I know that anger and grudges are bringing me down, I could do better, and not be slowed down by these things.

I would be a lot free it I let the grudges go that inhibit my peace…

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness”

  1. 31st March, 2018 I re-posted a poem of mine on ‘Forgiveness’ You may want to take a look at it in my archive section. Thanks for following my posts !

  2. I struggle with forgiveness so I simply erase those who’ve hurt me from my life. We all deal with things in our own ways and there isn’t a one-way-fits-all, and that includes forgiveness. It may be okay for some and that’s okay.

  3. Forgiveness is absolutely the best choice – but it can be a long and torturous journey getting there. Simply wanting to be able to forgive is the first step in the right direction 🙂

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