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I’m proud to announce that my daughter will be in the spelling bee again this year. Last year she was second place out of her school. I don’t expect her to win, not because she isn’t a good speller, but because she inherited my shyness, she has stage fright. She is also young for being on stage in front of many people. I’m going to tell her to have fun, and not to sweat it.

I am not a good speller. She didn’t inherit this trait from me. I excelled at English in school though. I also liked Science as well. I think spell check has taught me to “forget how to spell”. Does anyone else feel like this? It’s kinda of like technology in certain ways can make us forget to do certain things, like memorize a phone number, which is good for our brains.

Research says that part of being a good speller is in our DNA. Spelling also uses different parts of our brain.

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