OK Daughters’ time to learn to sew.

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I added this to my Amazon cart this morning. They do not have home education in school anymore, so I don’t mind teaching my daughters’ to sew. It’s a good life skill, and my Mom was raised in Iowa on the farm, and for generations, we have passed down teaching our daughters’ to cook, and sew. That’s what you do on the farm, well my family anyway. My Mom is an incredible seamstress. She can sew curtains. It is amazing! She also sewed me dresses when I was a little girl.
Their Dad was a cook until he had kids, he has always started teaching them how to cook since they were one. He would sit them on the counter and tell them what he was doing! LOL I don’t know what they pick up at that age.  I am thinking this kit would be helpful??

My husbands cousins’ visited recently, including his cousins son, who was only 19. My husbands cousin was stationed in Japan, in the army, so his children went to school in Japan. Well, in Japan, they have the children take turns cooking for each other even in elementary school. So my little 19 year old cousin, had breakfast made for us by the time we got up for the day at 5:30 AM! Even after a day of traveling! I was so amazed, because I cook for everyone! What an awesome life skill to learn!

My neighbors also gave me a sewing machine, I haven’t tried it out yet, but if it doesn’t work, I may have to buy a new machine…. I like to be able to use a sewing machine to get a longer life out of clothing, like my expensive Colombia jacket! It needs to be sown because I go skiing in it, and I am not buying another one. Sewing is just more fugal for me.

Disclosure: My site contains affiliate links, where I earn a small percentage made through qualifying purchases. Get’s me out of debt consolidation faster, and adds to my kids’ College fund.
As an Amazon associte, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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