My Mama’s art is breathtaking!

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My Mom is incredibly artistic, along with my daughter. I think she should retire and sell her art on Etsy, since I was a former Etsy’er, but she chooses not to.

Here is some of her art work, prepare to be amazed! 😀

20191201_1247522127654113.jpgLook at the details of the stream. These painting is so peaceful, and quiet. I have no idea how she does this. I can’t even draw, only a stick figure! LOL


So colorful, and beautiful. I love the cardinal.


The trees so captivating! The houses with the lights! <3

20191201_124742286428179.jpg Beautiful Christmas tree! <3 The snow, the road, and the trees!

20191201_1246331850605763.jpgBarn at night. She is from Iowa. Love this, it is not finished yet.

20191201_124724227888581.jpgAwesome painting, I need to take better pics!


Tis’ the season. Beautiful poinsettia. The detail is gorgeous.

20191201_1246561671307368.jpgEvergreens! Love it. Colorado Native. Rocky Mountains! <3


Awesome! Love the beach.

Her art beautifies her home!

There ya go! This is my Mom’s work! A.K.A. Pablo Picasso. Bob Ross. HAHA!

15 thoughts on “My Mama’s art is breathtaking!”

  1. No doubt about it: your mom is a talented artist who works hard at her craft. There’s a peace expressed in each painting. My favorite is the stand of evergreens with two (that I could find) cardinals. I do hope she’s found an outlet for her works at a gallery or other venue!

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