Tis’ The Season For Snow…

20191126_221033853038179.jpgWe have about a foot of snow on the ground. It’s cold and cloudy. It’s only 30 out, and supposed to snow again. Colorado does have nice weather. That’s why I love it here. It will be in the 50’s later this week. I like living here. I can go sledding or skiing today, and go out in nice weather for a walk later in the week.

71748195_10157726469932311_8382155528897298432_oI do have to walk these pups rain or shine. They have a tiny yard in my townhome. They are very energetic, and I do not want an accident in the house. I am freezing. I don’t know why I am so sensitive to the cold. Probably because I haven’t done much today, haven’t got my blood flowing.

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