Buddy Boy the Puggle

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A Puggle is a Hybrid breed mixed between a Pug and Beagle parent. They are friendly, intelligent, and good with children. They have less health problems than their Pug parent, such as breathing problems. The Beagle in Puggles makes training hard. Buddy inherited stubbornness from his Beagle parent. Having a hybrid is a mixed bag, you never know what you’ll get.

I saw my Buddy boy and I had to get him! <3 He was just adorable: brwdBaby Buddy Boy with his Baby duckie collar.

byujg Curious Little Pup.

bjuy Growing Pups Sleep a lot.


I’m worn out. I visited Mommy’s friends at work, in assisted living. I brightened their day, and mine too. I’m being socialize.


Something is missing, and something is not right. I have to wear this “cone of shame”. I was so sleepy and cute when I came out of surgery.

bioWho can resist this adorable face?

byhgI’m growing up. I’m turning into a handsome young man.

buyghSunbathing. Such a beauty.


I love being outside. I never want to some in. I have a curly tail like a pig.


I like to sit like this. Mommy thinks it is so cute. I am very playful. I like to play tug-o-war. I also am a fast runner, at the dog park, with my other doggie friends. I run faster than most of my friends. I am muscular for a Puggle.

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