How to drive in the snow, and even a blizzard….

Last night we got 16 inches of snow, over a foot. I had to come into work, since I work in healthcare. The drive wasn’t that bad. I slide a little in the snow but I had the traction control on and new snow tires.

  • Tips for driving in the snow….
  • Make sure your tires have tread, and are mud and snow tires. Studded snow tires are even better.
  • When you are breaking, pump your breaks, so you don’t slide.
  • Drive slower. Go about 20-40 mph. Probably shouldn’t go past 50, in case something happens.
  • When you are going through powdery snow or thick snow, like on a curb, go a little faster, so you don’t get stuck. But not extremely fast. Make sure wheels are straight. 
  • When you are going up a hill go faster. Not extremely fast just fast enough that you don’t get stuck. You need momentum to get up that hill!
  • When you are turning don’t use the breaks, your car can slide and go out of control.
  • When you are backing up, or starting to go forward, your tires need to be straight, hence the wheel straight. 
  • You really need to watch out for other drivers that don’t know how to drive in the snow.
  • Don’t go extremely slow (like 5 mph) and get stuck. The tires need to be able to grip the snow.
  • Take a shovel with you in case you get stranded, and water, and blankets.
  • Use common sense and drive how you feel comfortable and relax! Hope this helps. Stay safe. My parents are from the Midwest where it snows a lot and they taught me how to drive in the snow. Experience has also taught me because my job doesn’t let me call in, no matter how much it snows.

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