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I jumped the band wagon and took one of those DNA test, not one but two. Let’s have fun. Guess my ethnicity. I think it is fun to guess other people’s ethnicity.  I’m obviously European but from what part? Guess what kind of breakdown of regions. I’ll post my ancestry test in a few days and let you all guess first, then I’ll update. Growing up I was told German, German, German. My Great Grandma’s parents were from Germany and everyone else as far back as I know were American.  I’ll put some pictures of me below so you can guess.




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So what am I? German and English. Just what I thought. I’ve also read that English people share 30% DNA with Germans. Don’t know if it’s true or not? Here’s my test results:


I’m pretty much from Northwest Europe.


I like this part. My grandpa told me we had Native American. Only .2% but from where? Who knows? It’s such a tiny percentage. Some people don’t count these percentages, but it’s in your DNA. It’s so small, but is it really there? .2% Subsaharan African. That’s cool. I want more of a mix. That’s just me. This is on my Mom’s side. My Grandma told me we have African.

Then 23 & Me has a region breakdown. This is my German Breakdown:


This is my British break down, I have many regions in the United Kingdom. My maiden name, “Miller”, is from England, and I forgot where.


I think most of my DNA is from England.

This is my Irish breakdown:

irelandThis is my ancestor timeline, i like this, it’s pretty cool. timeline

This is my test below. It says that I have more English/British, then German, then Irish, then Scandinavian. It’s pretty much the same. Ancestry has communities where it shows where your ancestors probably immigrated to and lived for years. This is accurate all the way back two centuries ago according to our family research, that has been past down, even before the Internet. My family has been in the Midwest for two centuries, and both my parents are from the Midwest.


ancestyAncestry says that I am native to England ok I’ll take it. Makes sense I’m an englishman. The English immigrated here years ago to escape the English government. Kings and Queens. Do I have royal blood? Maybe one day I’ll find out, if I have the money to renew my ancestry membership.

You can also upload your DNA to other site for free.

This is my ethnicity according to the site: My heritage. Says I’m mostly Irish, Scottish, Welsh.


This this is on My origins site. Mostly west and central Europe.



This test below is from the site: DNA Land. You can upload your DNA zip file to these sites for free.


This is DNA. Northwest European again. Which DNA test do I recommend? I like both 23& me and, but I think I pick 23&me because it has my haplogroup, more breakdown of regions, health reports, research, and I found my adopted cousin through 23 and me.  Was I surprised? I recommend DNA tests if you have the money it is fun and educational to me. I thought I was German. I guess I’m English but if you look at the reports all these regions share DNA and I also read that Germany and England share 30% DNA. I don’t know if this is true or nor do I have time to research. I think it is cool to have Native American and African. Even if the percentages are minute. I didn’t have Native American on my test, but my Uncle did. You can also upload your DNA to other sites like, and other sites. Just endless discoveries and education. Oh how far along we have advanced scientifically. My husband’s Mom is from Germany so he is 70% German and my girls are 50%. America is the melting pot. I have more diversity than my husband because his family immigrated sooner than my family. I think when you’re family has been in the United States longer there’s a chance for more diversity.

I recommend 23 & Me because it has more genetic information like:

Health Predisposition

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