The Grand Canyon

My trip to the Grand Canyon back in 2006

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I went back in 2006, after I had my first born. I went hiking, because I’m adventurous and as a Colorado Native, I love hiking, and I fell. I was Ok, but not recovered enough to go hiking.

Anyway the deep valleys of the Grand Canyon will leave you speechless. It just goes on and on forever. I hope I get to go back someday…

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  1. I have been to Las Vegas twice and on both occasions, I wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. I was disappointed. I still haven’t gone. Definitely next time. I will have to budget for it, both time and money.

  2. I love the magic of the Grand Canyon!
    I went there for about a week, many years ago. It was breathtakingly awesome. So many areas were my best, but the topmost experience was on the North Rim; getting up early to not only see but fully experience God’s magical Sunrise.
    I had taken many pictures at the Canyon, but this sunrise total experience was way beyond what one could capture on film!
    I’d love to go back before HE calls me home. Lord willing maybe He’ll make it possible.
    Michelle, Thank you so much for jogging my memory!

  3. Love love love the Grand Canyon. You can tell someone how beautiful it is all day long, even take photos that will never do it justice, but it is something you truly have to experience. We took a very expensive trip rafting in the grand canyon. It was only a weekend, but it was beyond amazing and worth every penny. Nice photo.

  4. Hi Michelle, I have been to the Grand Canyon (both rims) several times and always find it awe-inspiring and gorgeous! Thanks for coming to my nature blog. I hope you will like the posts and will comment as you like. Have a great coming week and a most Happy New Year!

  5. Somehow I did not get my screen name on my post today here so this is the second try. Thanks. Linda Woody (wildlifewatcher).

  6. I love to visit the Grand Canyon. When I walk beside it, though, even with a wall between me and empty space, the backs of my neck and my knees turn to Jello. I’d love to take the mule ride, but I don’t think a mule would would like to have me clinging to him for dear life all the way down.

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