That time my car was on fire

I bought an older car from and elderly lady, with low mileage. I had it paid off, I was glad I didn’t have to make a car payment. It only had 40,000 miles on it. I used it for about 3-4 years, and reached the 100,000 mile mark, with no problems. Happiness.

One day I was in my house, and my neighbor rang the doorbell a bunch of times, I thought to myself, “What the heck”? I came outside and the neighbor said, “Your cars on fire”. I freaked out. The fire department came and put out my car fire. Good thing my neighbor saw it, my house could of caught on fire. Luckily everything turned out fine, and no one was hurt. I have no idea how this happened. I take the car in for regular maintenance and everything.

I was shattered. I felt stranded, so I got another car, and it’s a nice Toyota. 

My Toyota is nice, I don’t trust people, so I am buying a dash cam for my car, for security. 

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  1. Second handed vehicles are not reliable ,my dear!! It is good for you that you bought a new Toyota car having dash cam.welcome heartily ā¤

  2. I had an engine fire once so I know how you felt. My car suddenly stopped on a frontage road. My boyfriend who was in front of me said he could get it started for me. He carried gasoline in his trunk and poured some in my filter to “prime my engine” but accidentally knocked over the gas can onto my engine when I tried to start it. It burst into flames and I took flight, banging on someone’s door so I could call 9-1-1. Before cell phones. My boyfriend also had a fire extinguisher in his trunk and put the fire out before the fire truck got there. It was my brand new Fiat sports car so I was bummed. I had it repaired as most of the electrical melted. We broke up shortly after. Turned out it was my fuel pump that went out.

  3. Some cars are prone to engine fires. I’m not sure why, but they are. I’ve seen several cars on the freeway that suddenly caught fire and once I hailed someone down because they hadn’t noticed the fire, which didn’t show in front but had funneled beneath it. Sometimes older cars with low mileage bought from ” little old ladies” fall short because the correct maintenance hasn’t been done. Often they sit for too long without use and they think because it hasn’t been run, it’s okay. A case in point was my mother’s ten year old van that had only 11,000 miles on it. I had to do so much work on it before I could get it running right. In truth cars need to be driven. I have almost 200 thousand miles on my 11 year old Nissan. It looks and drives like new (in and out) because I take very good care of it but… I drive a lot and always make sure everything is tip top because of that. I take it on long road trips to see my grand kids and being 73 years old, I never want to get left stranded anywhere. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. Your Toyota is a reliable brand, give her a name and treat her like a sister you love. “My Girl” takes care of me.

  4. At least your experience ended well! The guy whose car burst into flames at the airport car park in Stavanger, Norway, this month is probably not feeling as lucky. The fire ended up damaging all 1300 cars parked there as well as the building.

  5. How scary! My neighbor’s house burned down recently after their truck caught fire in the garage. Don’t know why – firemen said it happens sometimes. Glad you are OK!

  6. I clicked ‘like’, but I am sorry to hear about your car. But, look at it this way, Michelle, now you have a new Toyota! Say, exactly where were you and what were you doing when that fire started???

  7. Safety and security are paramount and there should be no compromise or debate on those.
    In addition to keeping dash cams, I would advice on installing the following items as well:
    1. CCTVs for your home, such that no corner is left blind
    2. Fire extinguishers, both in the car and home
    3. Pepper spray – Specially for women’s safety
    4. Installing fences or walls along the perimeter
    5. Regular trimming of the lawn.
    4 & 5 can also help keep snakes away.
    Better to be safe than sorry. A lot of accidents are actually preventable.

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