Traveling the woods of Wisconsin.

My family for decades have vacationed to Northern Wisconsin in the summer. My Great Grandpa, and also my Father, have property on the lake. The lakes in Wisconsin are beautiful, the fishing is also awesome. We catch Muskies, Northern Pikes, Bass mostly. The eating is delicious. The scenery is absolutely peaceful, I love the trees. I like taking a walk around the lake with the dogs. My favorite is boating, and swimming. We have grown up going every year. My Dad, me, and the rest of the family.

We make a trip to Duluth Minnesota, to watch the ships come in under the Ariel Bridge. I have many pictures for you to enjoy, this wonderful vacation spot, and I recommend it as a vacation spot. It is very peaceful, and good for the soul. The Chippewa Flowage, Spooner Lake, and Shell Lake. The lakes are clean, and clear. Also beautiful leaves in the Fall.

It’s a great vacation spot for the kids. Plenty of farm animals, nature, swimming, kayaking, and playground equipment. Great learning experience for kiddos, and unplugged from technology.

Shell Lake has crystal clear water.
Shell lake and its white sand.
Captivating Shell Lake
Spooner Lake WI.
Spooner Lake

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